Cameron Highland

It has been a long time since I've stopped updating my blog. So, it's time to share my holiday at Cameron Highland before my final.

A few days before final, I was kidnapped by my parents hehe. I felt so so so free yesss! So fortunately, my college is in Tapah and we've decided to go up to Cameron. I felt so excited because I really really love roses and strawberries. Strawberry chocolate is my fav !

We're arrived at 8 and check-in. Solat. Rest. And then we went out to hunt some food.

This is our own room. We have a kitchen but we can't cook *shisss*

Wanna show off our new sweater, BOY London. I don't know either the sweaters are from London or not.


My mom really wanted to visit Mardi. There were so many flowers. I love flowers ! Feel like in heaven !

Strawberry ice cream is so interesting and fresh. It's 100 % strawberry. So goooood.....

One for you. One for me.

Strawberry soy 

Then we were visiting BOH Tea Centre. We were hiking to go to the centre. Very tiring ! My mom bought some tea before we go back.

Feeling like a model

Look at my strong grandma. She tried even she was sick.

Kind of view

So, the important thing that I never forget is STRAWBERRY CHOCOLATE !

Yesss !

Pictures tell how happy I am.