Projek Juta : Escape Room & iCity bersama-sama kawan-kawan Pantai Timur

We got one week holiday ! So free !

But, my two friends didn't want to go back to their hometown, Kelantan dan Terengganu, they decided to visit us in KL. Emi and I agreed to bring them to the iCity. Before that, we have so much fun in the Escape Room so yeah !

Okay okay I know we're new *kahkah* We lost ! It took 20 minutes in the first room ergghh. That was Emi's fault because she chose the very difficult room *haih*

After we had a hard time in the escape room, we went to the iCity. Bedey was nagging and crying because he couldn't guess any clues *kahkah* It's holiday no wonder there were a lot of people and foreigners. 

Our first mission is Ferris Wheel. Emi and I were really excited but three of them were making faces. Bob and Abah decided to not join us, so Bedey was forced by me and Emi hahaha. They were really scared hahaha.


Tried to feel comfortable

When the wheel was near to top, I stood up to look at the ground but Bedey yelled at me. I was not allowed to standing *kahkah* I couldn't stop laughing.

After we had so much on the wheel, we decided to visit House of Horror. Emi was the one who really excited but then she was the one who really scared. I rather being in there with lots of patung than running away to escape from the ghosts.

Looks like a daddy with two daughters

It was not scary at all, but the patungs which suddenly moving followed by the sound effect really make us wanna scream. I was really scared at that moment till I didn't realize I was holding Bedey's shirt. He was like a hero *kahkah* Emi was holding my hand from the beginning hahaha. 

Then, we went to Trick Arts Museum, Bob and Abah were tired so they didn't join us. I salute to the very talented artists who have drawn these arts. 

Very tiring ! We've decided to stop. Then we waited Emi's mother to come and pick us. In a few minutes she arrived, but it took almost one hour to find her. Gosh. Treasure hunt.

Projek Juta 1 mission accomplished.
Projek Juta 2 in the progress.
Where are we going ?

Stay tuned.........